Medical center «Belevromed»


    medical center «Belevromed»
    Thank you very much! We came from far away with very bad teeth. The whole family arrived. We were pleased with the very ...sensitive and attentive attitude of the entire staff. A 5-year-old child was treated twice under general anesthesia. I tried it by myself. It is perfect! There were no outside sensations! Everything was wonderful! Many thanks and appreciation to everyone! Irina Alexandrovna, you are the best!
    We treated the child's teeth under general anesthesia. The attitude was super! The anesthesiologist explained everything... available and reassured. Unfortunately, I did not remember what his name was, but we are madly grateful to him! The dentist, Kristina Leonidovna, healed 6 teeth in an hour! Good girl. The nurses were very cute, they helped to undress and dress the child with smiles. Thank you all so much!
    My family has left many reviews about the amazing highly qualified dentist Oksana Nikolaevna. I am grateful for the exce...llent, careful attitude and quality work! I can say with confidence that she is a master of her craft! For a very long time my family have looked for a medical center, so dreams come true!!! We have found what we were looking for and we are very pleased with both the quality and the attitude of the whole team as a whole! Thank you very much to the management for such a cool and high-quality selection!
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    About us

    Our medical center offers not just a treatment, but a pain-free treatment. At the request of the patient, any procedure can be performed under general anesthesia.

    The family center “Belevromed” provides assistance to adults and children in several key directions, including the treatment of chronic pain syndrome. It is impossible to get used to the constant pain. Pain can and should be treated!

    Qualified specialists of the clinic offer medical, consultative and diagnostic assistance in the following directions:

    • Dentistry (including pediatric);
    • Dermatology;
    • Gynecology (including pediatric);
    • Proctology;
    • Anesthesiology (general anesthesia).

    The center provides services to patients of different ages. One of the priorities of our work is pediatric dentistry. Dentists easily and naturally communicate with young patients, doing everything possible to rid the little ones of the dental chair fear.

    Main advantages of our center:

    • any procedure can be carried out under general anesthesia;
    • modern equipment;
    • full range of diagnostic services;
    • careful attention to each patient;
    • reasonable prices.

    18 years of experience and professionalism of our specialists are the guarantee of quality and safe treatment!

    Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.

    Gynecologist, Dermatologist, Proctologist, Dentist
    Clinical diagnostics
    Ultrasound diagnostics, PCR diagnostics for infectious diseases
    Minsk, Chervyakova st., 22
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    TIN: 191063467
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